deconstruct the police state

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Deconstruct the Police State is a themed group art show with 25 artists' work addressing the current strife between law enforcement, the governing powers and the communities that these groups were instituted to serve and protect. The expression in this show and the purpose of the show is not to make a general negative statement about law enforcement or the government. There are many people who are efficient and do positive for the greater good that are part of these entities. This art show is meant as a showcase of expression by citizens that have concerns about the current state of this nation, which many believe has become a police state after the attacks on 9/11/2001. The date of this show is not meant to dishonor any of those who lost their lives that day and after. 

The show is a one night event taking place on September 11th, 2015 from 6pm-10pm at BUNKER which is located at 19 Thames Street, apartment 201, Brooklyn, NY, 11206 (map is below) There will be music and beer as well merch tables for the artists participating. The show is curated by Joe Egan. Should you have any questions, or need information about the artists and their work you can email Joe at [email protected] 


Haus Riot

Kristy Elena


Fling 1

Matthew Schommer

Mike Myers

Aaron Young



Renzo Ortega

Dionne Angel

Ian Joseph

Jammi York

Dan Bina

Shaun O'Connor

Dylan Spelman-Hall

Mister Guh

Mike Kronenberg

Rez Shaolin

Bourbon Bill


Greg Moncada

Joe Egan

John Burton McGarity

Justin Dinspechin

19 Thames Street+Brooklyn+11206